The Social Enterprise Society of Kenya

Tangaza University Imani Building Lang'ata South Rd
Karen, Nairobi
2018-08-29 11:29:11

The Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK) is a registered society in Kenya which was founded in January 2017 and is Kenya’s umbrella body for social enterprises in all sectors of the economy. We aim to expand our membership and influence throughout the East African region and possibly beyond. A social enterprise is an organization or business which uses commercial strategies for the benefit of society or the environment while making a profit. Our aim is to bring social enterprises in the limelight and make them visible and relevant in today’s economy. In the past and still today, traditional businesses have existed and made profits along the way but have neglected to pay attention to the social and environmental impacts of their activities. Social and environmental impacts are critical if we are to sustain ourselves as a planet and the aim is to increase this positive impact on a grand scale. A good benchmark or guide to use while running a social enterprise is to consider the set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) which are critical and should be linked with the daily activities of social enterprises.     

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