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group Associations
Name Country Type Date
ETGAMA Ethiopia Textile 22 Aug, 2016
ACMCI Côte d'Ivoire Textile 22 Aug, 2016
Transformation Triggering Facility [TTF] Ethiopia Development 10 Oct, 2017
Solidaridad Network The Netherlands Development 10 Oct, 2017
Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute (ETIDI) Ethiopia Textile 10 Oct, 2017
Leather Industry Development Institute Ethiopia Textile 10 Oct, 2017
Ethiopian Fashion Designers Association (EFDA) Ethiopia Textile 10 Oct, 2017
Proudly Made in Africa UK Development 10 Oct, 2017
FADAN: Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria The Recognized b Nigeria Textile 16 Oct, 2017
Women's investment Club Senegal Senegal Development 23 Oct, 2017
Nigerian Export Promotion Council Nigeria Development 13 Nov, 2017
Bank of Industry Nigeria Textile 13 Nov, 2017
Common Objective UK Development 22 Aug, 2018
The Social Enterprise Society of Kenya Kenya Development 29 Aug, 2018
Uganda Fashion Designers Association Uganda Development 31 Aug, 2018
Mums in Business Association Worldwide Development 31 Aug, 2018
South African Fashion Incubator (SAFi) South Africa Development 03 Sep, 2018
The Moroccan Denim Cluster (MDC) Morocco Textile 03 Sep, 2018
Cape Town Fashion Council South Africa Development 04 Sep, 2018
Fashion Association of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Development 04 Sep, 2018
The Palette Association Ghana Development 05 Sep, 2018
Africa Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum South Africa Development 05 Sep, 2018
Ethiopian Textiles & Fashion Portal Ethiopia Textile 10 Sep, 2018
Fashion Association of Tanzania Tanzania Development 12 Sep, 2018
Cape Clothing & Textile Cluster South Africa Textile 14 Sep, 2018
Madagascar East Africa Trade and Investment Hub Kenya Development 17 Sep, 2018
Cotton Development Organisation Uganda Textile 19 Sep, 2018
Studio One Eighty Nine Ghana Development 25 Sep, 2018
KZN Fashion Council South Africa Development 27 Sep, 2018
Rwanda Fashion Council Rwanda Development 05 Oct, 2018
African Entrepreneur Collective Rwanda Development 10 Oct, 2018
Texfashion Group Morocco Textile 30 Oct, 2018
Association Femmes D’Atta France Development 08 Nov, 2018
Groupement Ivoirien du Tissage Traditionnel et de la Confection Côte d'Ivoire Textile 13 Nov, 2018
RefuShe Kenya Development 13 Dec, 2018
Association for the Advancement of Senegalese Women Senegal Development 22 Jan, 2019
The Craft and Design Institute South Africa Development 04 Feb, 2019
South African Fashion Council South Africa Development 19 Feb, 2019
Swift – Swaziland Fairtrade Swaziland Development 05 Mar, 2019
The National Association of Women’s Organisations in Uganda (NAW Uganda Development 20 Mar, 2019
The Craft and Design Institute South Africa Development 28 Mar, 2019
Fashion Club NG Nigeria Development 02 Apr, 2019
Association of Fashion Designers Kenya Kenya Development 04 Apr, 2019
SAFDA South Africa Development 23 Apr, 2019
Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria Nigeria Development 02 May, 2019
Nawou Handmade Uganda Development 09 Jul, 2019
African Fashion Fund Ghana Development 17 Jul, 2019
The Paper Fig Foundation United States Development 30 Jul, 2019
Association des Jeunes Créateurs Africains (AJCA) Côte d'Ivoire Development 08 Aug, 2019
Nigerian Textile Garment And Tailoring Employers Association Nigeria Textile 13 Aug, 2019
INTERCOTON Côte d'Ivoire Textile 14 Aug, 2019
FPC-CI COOP CA Côte d'Ivoire Development 14 Aug, 2019
Nigerian Textile Manufacturer Association Nigeria Textile 21 Aug, 2019
The National Union of Textile Garment and Tailoring Workers of N Nigeria Textile 21 Aug, 2019
Ethical Fashion Initiative Ethiopia Development 23 Aug, 2019
MRP Foundation South Africa Development 23 Aug, 2019
African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF) Kenya Textile 02 Sep, 2019
Association pour la Promotion des Exportations de Côte d’Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire Development 02 Sep, 2019
Center for African Women Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) Ethiopia Development 02 Sep, 2019
Ethiopia Cotton Producers, Ginners & Exporters (ECPGEA) Ethiopia Textile 10 Sep, 2019
National Cotton of Nigeria (NACOTAN) Nigeria Textile 10 Sep, 2019
Association Professionnelle des industries Textiles de Côte d’Iv Côte d'Ivoire Textile 11 Sep, 2019
Eastern Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integratio Uganda Development 11 Sep, 2019
Cotton made in Africa Germany Textile 26 Sep, 2019
Wear South African South Africa Development 02 Oct, 2019
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