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Learn how to use Fashionomics Africa Platform: FORUM

22 May, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Learn how to use Fashionomics Africa Platform: FORUM
Fashionomics Africa

This is the first article of a series that will explain to the Fashionomics community how platform users can take full advantage of it. 


Within the Community section, there is the Forum option, a tool that allows users to discuss topics related to fashion or the textile industry in Africa. By clicking on it, users can see the topics that are already open to discussion and in which they can participate. If users want to start a new topic of conversation, they just click on "Start a discussion" in the upper left and access with their Facebook or Twitter account. It's that easy!

Our IT team has recently improved some Forum functionalities, such as the following: 

- Users can now login and post in the Forum with their Facebook or Twitter account. 

- The forum homepage now has a list of the latest news, events and trending content uploaded to the website for the community to discuss. 

- Now it is possible to upload images to the forum topics and responses just by clicking a button. 

- Forum users are now able to follow the different topics and receive e-mail notifications once a new reply is submitted.

- All the notifications received from the Forum are now customizable within the forum user panel. 

- The forum tag pages have been redesigned and now includes a link of the latest post in each of the main tags.

- The searching functionality has been improved, now the system can search inside posts and not only at the titles. 

- The website notifications are now submitted to the tagged user dynamically, at the top navigation, under the bell icon. 


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