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Learn how to use Fashionomics Africa Platform: TUTORIALS

28 May, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Learn how to use Fashionomics Africa Platform: TUTORIALS
Fashionomics Africa

We are so glad you are part of our Fashionomics community! As you’ve probably noticed, our team has the goal to advise and educate you as thoroughly as possible so that you can gather all the best tools possible needed to succeed in today’s fashion industry.

We believe that there is no greater pleasure that being self dependent, and as modern person capable of creating our own businesses, we are in charge of the success that we create. That is why here at Fashionomics, we provide you with daily posts on tips, success stories, events and valuable work info for your future. The big news is that we have also added a section of the platform dedicated to tutorials so that you can learn by watching others put into practice everything that we have taught.

What to expect in this section? The tutorials section of our page is created as a sort of library where you will find interviews, teachings on how to create strategic business plans, steps that other women have taken to grow in the industry and even a couple fashion craft tutorials as well.

How can you use this section? In Fashionomics, we believe that learning should be entertaining, so apart from all the info we want you to understand throughout the news section, we also want you to be able to visualize these ideas in real life, and videos could not be a better fit. You just have to click on the Training Section at the top of the page and, once the drop down list appears, click on Tutorials. 

We hope that this section can be useful in your journey as a successful fashion entrepreneur and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to view on this tutorial section - let us know through social media!

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