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Learn How to Use Fashionomics Africa Platform: JOBS

20 Jun, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Learn How to Use Fashionomics Africa Platform: JOBS
Fashionomics Africa

Here at Fashionomics Africa, we try to give you all the necessary tools to succeed as an entrepreneur (and be efficient while you are at it!). While our main content can be found in the news section, we also know that becoming part of the fashion industry is not as easy as it may seem.


We are aware that when it comes to entering the world of entrepreneurship, it may not always be easy to start seeing high incomes, and in fact, many times months can go on without receiving any economic benefits all. This is why we totally promote entrepreneurs to hold on to their jobs while working on their personal projects. This can not only offer economic stability in order to have peace of mind when executing business decisions, but it can also give you great benefits in terms of networking and getting to know the business behind-the-scenes, especially if you are working in a design related industry.


We offer you daily job opportunities that are in the art related industry, and jobs all over Africa open up daily. It’s important that once you have set your mind to becoming an entrepreneur, you create a plan that can allow you to pay your bills at the same time as you pursue your dream. Even though we all hope you sell out all your products and earn million on the first month of sales, this is not always the case, so try to find a balance that can give you financial security, and that also teaches you valuable lessons that you can apply to your start up.


So, how can you get informed about these new job openings? Just click on the upper menu of our Fashionomics Africa webpage, and click on  the "business" tab. Under this option, you should find the "Jobs" section, which opens pages of valuable opportunities. Remember that we daily post jobs from many different external companies, and although we offer a small description about the vacancy, you'll find a link attached that will take you to their own applying webpage, where you will be able to apply with your CV. We hope you can take a look at the interesting opportunities that we post and hopefully, you can benefit from a job you enjoy!

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