Africa Fashion Reception

28 Sep, 2016 • by Linh Vo
Africa Fashion Reception
Linh Vo
Written by Linh Vo

Africa Fashion Reception was hosted by the African Union (AU )from 13th to 15th September in AU Headquater, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was a chance for designers from around the African continent.


The Fashion Reception included a Africa Fashion Business Summit taking place at second day 14th of September at small conference hall. Lexy Mojo Eyes, CEO of Lengendary Gold Limited, organizers of the Africa Fashion Reception was the host. The welcome address was delivered by Dr Mustapha Sidiki Kaloko.the Commissioner for Social Affairs of African Union.


In attendance were about 600 select VIPs made up of Ambassadors from over 112 countries, international organizations, Corporate CEOs and top government functionaries. All of them attended to the Gala Fashion Event on the last day 16th of September.

Some of the designers that participated included Botocy – Botswana, Kaz O Zah Art – Burundi, Paradise Fashion – Ethiopia, Fanny Mandina – DR Congo, Tekay Designs – Liberia, Classic Fashion – Namibia, Walove by Designs – Kenya, Kokonut stylist – Swaziland, Black Coal Clothing – South Africa, Keto Couture – Nigeria, Chizo – Zambia, Bulongo Clothing, Ladybird Fashion design, Ejig Tibeb, Yefiker etc.


Futhermore, on Saturday 29th October, 2016, The Africa Fashion Reception will have its 3rd international edition in Paris France. The AFR will be hosted by UNESCO due to a new partnership between UNESCO and The Africa Fashion Reception. This was facilitated by the Nigerian Permanent Delegation to UNESCO.

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