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Mzuzu Fashion Week Returns for its 3rd Year

07 Aug, 2017 • by Wezi Mzumara
Mzuzu Fashion Week Returns for its 3rd Year
Wezi Mzumara
Written by Wezi Mzumara

Mzuzu Fashion Week (MzFW) returns to the ‘Green City of Mzuzu’ for its third year this October. MzFW was established by Kwanza PR and Zik Garvey has become the premier must-attend fashion event in Malawi for designers, models and other fashion-industry professionals nationally to showcase their work and encourage the growth of the fashion industry in Malawi. MzFW has since 2015 presented a platform to the world for designers, models, artisans, specialists and entrepreneurs as well as a growing audience at its events.

Thursday-Friday 12-13th October – Creative Business Seminars

Friday 13th October – Friday Show

Saturday 14th October – Community Day

Saturday 14th October – Saturday Show

Sunday 15th October – Hike & Braai

Sunday 15th October – MzFW Mango Style & Fashion Awards

This year’s event you will see the continuation of the ‘Creative Business Seminars’. The series of seminars to take place during Fashion Week are targeted at young entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and individuals who have an interest in the creative industries. The seminars are a useful tool for exchanging ideas, networking and developing the creative industry in Malawi. Through the Creative Business Seminars MzFW aims to engage with industry players, stake holders, policy makers and potential investors. The sessions will include topics such as Managing and Financing Your Dream, Your Business Your Brand, The Power of Social Media and Malawi’s Creative Culture, Fashion and Advertising, Quality Control in Production and Value Chains, Music Brand Management and much more. Over the main 2 evenings of runway shows designers will be showcasing their new collections. So far we have over 10 registered designers (local & international) and are welcoming more to register via our online registration process.

This year’s Fashion Week also sees the addition of MzFW Mango Style & Fashion Awards (MzFWMSFA) in conjunction with Mango Advertising Agency, af the introduction of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016 honouring and celebrating pioneers in the fashion and beauty industry which was received by Lucy Kwengere Nkhonjera.

Socio-Economic Impact of Mzuzu Fashion Week:

Fashion Week is more than a chance to show off clothing, it is a convergence of art, passion and creativity. It is an opportunity for Malawi's designers to display their talent and vision through fabric. Internationally, according to a report entitled "The Economic Impact Of The Fashion Industry", fashion is a 1.2 trillion dollar industry. It creates thousands of jobs a year and generates notable revenue.

In New York City alone (considered the Fashion Capital of the World), the industry pays more than 11 billion USD in wages and generates about 2 billion USD in revenue annually. In addition to creating jobs and merchandise, the city attracts more numerous tourists to the city every year for fashion shows, fairs and events. Mzuzu Fashion Week would therefore like to establish Mzuzu as Malawi's leading Fashion hub that will grow to be recognized internationally. Such a status would draw tourists and investors into Malawi's fastest growing city, thereby providing employment and revenue.

Final Note from the Mzuzu Fashion Week Team:

Additionally, more than simply providing a platform for local designers to promote their products, the event hopes to inspire a new generation of fashion designers and entrepreneurs. These individuals could then use their skills to create jobs as well as products that may be exported, thereby generating revenue for the nation.  The event continues to raise the standard of quality in Malawi's fashion industry. It will serve as a place where stakeholders can network and learn from one another. This would thereby lead to a greater demand for Malawian clothing and thereby boost the nation's economic standing. Mzuzu Fashion Week would like to ask for the continued support of the government, the private sector and Malawi as a whole as MzFW has the potential to be a major contributor to Malawi's socio-economic growth.

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