Do people have time to wait for trending garments?

11 Oct, 2017 • by Fashionomics Africa
Do people have time to wait for trending garments?
Fashionomics Africa

Nowadays, during the high fashion season when most fashion capitals are holding the fashion weeks, the best that people can do is look on and wait for the garments go to retail. That is why buyers attend to these shows; to order hundreds of outfits that they think will work.

The industry has been having this conversation for some time on whether people have time to wait for retail time. That is what is being known as ‘See Now, Buy Now’ trend to fashions six-month lead-time and synchronize catwalks with store deliveries.

Globalization and technology have made the wait unreasonable and painful. This means the racks in retail stores only have the old collection, however, the new looks are all over the internet. Do we still have the luxury to make clients wait?  

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