Disrupt!/FASHION! Masterclass - Designers quotes

23 Oct, 2017 • by Fashionomics Africa
Disrupt!/FASHION! Masterclass - Designers quotes
Fashionomics Africa

The African Development Bank in collaboration with the Hub of Africa and HIVOS International hosted on October, 4th in Addis Ababa the first Fashionomics Africa Disrupt!/FASHION! Masterclass.

The Masterclass intends to give a better grasp of establishing and building a fashion brand (from idea to execution). It focuses on: (i) capacity building on business development; (ii) branding, marketing, and networking; (iii) Fostering market linkages; and (iv) providing a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities African fashion entrepreneurs encounter in running a fashion business and sharing of best practices and international standards.

On the occasion of this event, we interviewed some of the designers and asked their opinion about the Masterclass and the Fashionomics initiative:


  1. What do you think about the #Disrupt! #Fashion! Masterclass and how do you wish to apply the knowledge?
  2. How can Fashionomics help African fashion entrepreneurs to create/grow their business?


  • Gabriel Russel Solomon Nigerian emerging designer and new urban Nigerian menswear brand

1)  I think it's well thought out with great intentions and passion for human and capacity building in the fashion sector. It will be applied accordingly to help facilitate smooth running of my fashion business and also help identify certain key business approach.

2) By sharing and connecting brands, markets and key industry players.


  • Anna Getaneh – Fashionoimcs Masterclass trainer Ethiopian Ex-Super Model, Designer and Founder of Africa Mosaique

1) It was a great 1-day Masterclass, interactive and impactful  experience between established designers and industry professionals.

2) Can be a great platform for both designers and fashion entrepreneurs to Network, collaborate, access information, real time. Create a strong African Fashion Movement. And Change the narrative!


  • Eleni hailu – Ethiopian Fashion Entrepreneur  

1) This training have open my eyes that how I can disrupt the product I bought and how I can do my job properly so I would like to do my job by doing business model canvas at list every 2 weeks .

2) Fashionomics will help designers of Africa through collaboration and sharing knowledge and also by doing business model canvas, entrepreneurs can develop their relationship with customers, minimize their cost etc because at the end of the day satisfying customers and increase revenues is mandatory.


  • Shaldon Kopman – Fashionomics Masterclass trainer & SA Designer and Creative Director of Naked Ape menswear brand

1) Disruption is not just a buzz word, it’s a reality in our fashion industry on the continent. Methodologies and systems need to be implemented that target the challenges we have. Use the challenges to your advantage and redesign the thinking. Masterclass is a great initiative to fast track the growth of industry. Innovative thinkers and experienced panelists have the ability to transfer knowledge to the fashion enthusiasts across the continent. Applying knowledge is being exposed to knowledge.

2) Fashionomics is the network! and our industry is all about networking. Having access to the network allows you to create success in your fashion business, you are able to get trusted information which straightens out your path as opposed to hopeful meandering that often leads you astray.


  • Vuyo Tofile – Fashionomics Masterclass Trainer and South African founder and CEO of Entbanc Group

1) Disrupt Fashionomics Masterclass was incredibly inspiring to me. As one of the facilitators of the workshop the assumption is that we will be the ones providing knowledge and insight, but I was able to learn for the attendees and participants - making the workshop a true learning experience for all. The knowledge learnt that I will apply in the next workshop I facilitate, is on how to really bring out the audiences problems that they want assistance with or more knowledge about. 

2) Fashionomics is a catalytic platform that can transform African fashion entrepreneurs through exposure to best business practice, changing their own business perceptions and then providing access useful, relevant knowledge, markets and finance.


  • Connie Aluoch Kenyan Fashion Stylist & Fashion Lecturer

1) The Disrupt Master Class was a very insightful session as a Stylist the sessions on Creating A Business Module, Branding and Marketing were very relevant to me. 

2) It would help if Fashionomics could organize one on one sessions with creatives to better understand the specific challenges each business is facing. 


  • Mahlet Teklemariam – Ethiopian Founder of Hub of Africa

1) It was so Innovative and Creative.  Very engaging and hands on training.  Loved it!

2) By availing more sessions as the masterclass is imperative to help African brands grow as designers and build their brand. Also maybe it is best to make these sessions available in different languages.  


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