31 Oct, 2017 • by Fashionomics Africa
Fashionomics Africa

When a South African businessman – Ari Ben David, has seen the Colombian designers, Miguel Caballero collection, he immediately decided to invest in it, open a showroom and eventually a shop in South Africa. This investment was due to safety reasons, Mr. Ben David explains, he is launching the fashion label as there is “serious crime situation in South Africa”.

Abnormally, the clothes can withstand bullet shots, ranging from 9mm pistols, 44mm magnum handguns, Mini-Uzi’s to even AK-47 rifles. The fashion line includes leather and suede jackets, trench coats, business suits, collared shirts, T-shirts, raincoats, vests and denim pieces for both females and males. Plus, the line also offers ‘stab proofing’ for those who are willing to pay extra. Nevertheless, the clothing line is not much different from any other ones if you take away the bulletproofing. It is very difficult to differentiate, plus the line being surprisingly fashionable – makes it very expensive as well (R20,000 per jacket, which is ≈ €1218.39).

The garments are lined with protective panels, which are made of patented weave of both polyester and nylon. The clothing line is still kept very up-to-date – “There are hundreds of companies that make bullet-proof vests. We make bullet-proof fashion.” However, the disturbing fact is that –  the clothes are supposed to be dry-cleaned only and are recommended not to get blood on them. Plus, anyone who comes to work for the company must test the clothes aka be shot while wearing them.

Unfortunately, the region of South Africa is infamous for its high levels of crime. Therefore, Mr. Ben David has arranged an event in Johannesburg, where military experts and well-off residents have gathered for the presentation of this clothing line. Due to this fashion label, the super-rich and ultra-important people have now been introduced to an alternative, when it comes to protection, that doesn’t need the sacrifice of style or security. Plus, it has even been called the Armani of bulletproof.

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