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2017-10-11 10:07:12
Ayissi Joseph

AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie has the Franco-Cameroonian nationality and it is the founder of Streets Chic clothes.
Being himself the son of a couturier and following the footsteps of the Cameroonian fashion pioneers he founded "WAZAL" in 2005 and in 2006 he launched his first models.
Its brand "WAZAL" is an assemblage of WAZA, the name of a natural park in Cameroon and the letter L of Lion (animal symbol of this country). The natural park inspires respect and the lion inspires power.
WAZAL COUTURE expresses the fashion universe in permanent search for materials, styles, and creativity. With a mix of colors such as black, orange, blue, ecru and various prints, it adds touches of materials such as pure cotton, fleece, jeans, wax, leather and synthetic fur under various designs.
He studied fashion at the Vanessa Ruiz school in Paris and specializes in the creation of tuxedo jackets. In 2013, he was one of the guests of the Cameroonian ambassador in Paris for the Cameroon Youth Festival and then at the Fashion Night at the Elysée Lounge in Paris where he launched his three concepts: WazalRock, Braguette Tété and Africafutur.
These concepts are based on the criteria that from the beginning symbolized his journey: Audacity, Respect, and Creation.

Wazal cuts are futuristic and modern, following the latest trends of today.

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