Creative Angels Fashion Benefit (CAFB)

Century City Business Centre 1 Bridgeway Road Bridgeways Precinct Century City 7441
Cape Town
South Africa
021 830 5269
2018-09-25 18:07:34
Ms Devashnie Govender

The Creative Angels Fashion Benefit aims to offer professional grade training in fashion modelling to every individual interested in learning, whether for career prospects or to build self-confidence. Through the provision of a unique balanced programme, the CAFB further aims to promote the fashion design talent emerging within South African communities. Finally, the CAFB aims to assist small businesses through digital and corporate communication support.

What began as only a glimmer of hope has grown to become a company that looks beyond profit, and into the well-being of every Angel involved at every level. Through the work we undertake, we hope to create employment and empowerment opportunities that South Africa can become truly excited for.

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