School of Fashion Design

2017-11-07 10:57:53
South Africa
192 Retief St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
+27 82 532 0838

Our mission is to educate, train support and facilitate the increase in Job creations for school leavers, the unemployed are illiterate. To equip South African people with the skills required succeeding in the global fashion industry. to offer high-quality training to communities and individuals in order for them to become self-sufficient thus enabling them to play an active role in society.

South Africa needs a thriving small business sector in order to redress the structural distortion in the labor market, revitalize the economy and create jobs. As an educational institution, we need to realign our institutional offerings to meet the challenge of a society and economy in transition. Consequently, the vision we hold is one where all the students leaving out institution will have been provided with the competence to use their education for self-employment purposes. 
Our vision is to educate nation in the fine art of Fashion Designing and Dressmaking. We realize that there is potential for increasing the number of small business and generating new jobs in SA - we encourage entrepreneurship. Our vision since inception is to create opportunities for those in work as well as the people with disabilities, the unemployed and previously disadvantaged groups - our goals have been met by educating 7123 women in the bespoke art of fashion design since 1965. Our vision is to be part of the process of education in South Africa, linked to quality provision and qualifications that hold currency throughout the country. The School of Fashion Pietermaritzburg have made and continues to make a meaningful contribution to broadening the base of innovative individuals who are capable of contributing to regional economic growth. this is a social, as well as economic imperative.

Our objective - our programs are aimed at training people so that they can venture into the world of fashion design and clothing manufacture and create their own business or work in well-established factories or flea markets.

All our objectives are focused on men, women the youth & the unemployed and underdeveloped communities. The institution's focus is on assisting and developing innovative individuals who are committed to contributing towards South Africa's Economic Growth. In this quest, the unit strives
• To develop student competence to use the education gained at the School of Fashion for self-employment purposes
• To create a paradigm shift from that of “employee to employer”
• To build a passion for business and Fashion.

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