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2017-12-21 14:44:14
South Africa
41 Tegno Road, Techno Park, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
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The Stellenbosch Academy has a unique educational offering that aims to deliver creative, innovative and socially responsible tech-savvy graduates. This means our graduates leave with a combination of creative, business and theoretical skills and knowledge. As such, the curriculum has four interrelated components: Visual Studies (theory), Marketing (business-related theory), Discourse, and our Creative Majors.

In this context, the five majors (Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Multimedia Studies) focus on creative and industry-related practical knowledge and skills, with the remaining three components delivering vital context and theory that set our graduates apart in the South African job market.

Visual Studies develops students' understanding of how historical and contemporary world events have shaped the production of specific images, photographs, and designs. They are exposed to European, African and South African forms of visual communication practice and theory, the intention of which is to enable informed decision making in our students' own creative practice.

Marketing engages with the world of modern marketing where students are introduced to the essential theories and concepts of marketing that are critical to managing profitable customer relationships in an ever-changing marketing and business environment.

Discourse is concerned with the design and socially responsible design practice. In this context, students are made aware of the power and responsibility that visual communicators have in shaping the way they treat humanity and the earth.

Our tried and tested approach to teaching creative disciplines results in graduates we can be proud of; people who can hit the ground running, while expertly facing the challenges in their new working environments.

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