Vega School of Brand Leadership

2018-01-01 09:07:42
Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town
South Africa
444 Jan Smuts Ave, Bordeaux, Randburg, 2194, ZA
+27 (0)21 461 - 8089

Teaching Philosophy

At the heart of Vega's educational vision lies the principle of innovation. Brand and business strategies that merely repeat existing practices add limited value to the marketplace while iconoclasm and innovation unlock true potential. The same truth applies in the teaching and learning environment: without embodying the kind of innovation that propels industry, Vega would not be equipping students with the kind of minds required for them to become the future leaders they are destined to be. 

It is a core purpose at Vega to have our students graduate at an industry-ready level. The high levels of academic pursuit are immediately put into practical use as Vega eschews the 'ivory tower' approach in favour of hands-on immediate application of theory. Vega students are constantly immersed in live briefs from industry clients so that when they graduate they are already well-versed in the turbulence of 'the real world' and slot seamlessly into any industry environment. The stellar careers of many of our highly successful alumni are testament to the success of this methodology. Furthermore, frequent interaction with the top-tier professionals and academics of the Vega Advisory Council help keep curricula in line with the latest industry innovations. 

Vega's teaching philosophy is built on the mantra of wisdom with magic. This reflects the conviction that the essence of branding lies in the fusion of strategy and creativity at the most fundamental level. In other words, a Vega student graduates with a deep understanding that the most effective strategy is inherently creative; the most effective creativity inherently strategic. This is in evidence most compellingly in Vega's famous Brand Challenge. 

Similarly, central to Vega's commitment to innovation in education is the concept of navigation. Vega takes its name from the star in the constellation of Lyra, widely described as the most important star in the sky after the sun. Vega is the navigational star and Vega lecturers are navigators, driven by the ethos of strategic guidance and creative direction as opposed to merely imparting information that is passively absorbed. 

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