Ginani Fashion Academy

2018-01-31 14:58:34
11 Bank Olemoh Close, Bank Olemoh Crescent, 101211, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 803 308 4223

Ginani Fashion Academy is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the best Fashion Design Schools in Nigeria. We have been training since 2001. Our training is unique. It has been developed to meet the need of the Nigerian designer to compete in a global economy. Our students are confident, highly skilled fashion professionals.

The training system is based on scientific foundations and principles. This eliminates guesswork and allows our students to build skill and experience. Stay relevant as the years go by. The skills you gain from Ginani training will allow you to gain experience and develop expertise without becoming outmoded over time.

Ginani training has stood the test of time creating empowered and successful graduates.


Ginani Fashion Design School has trained over 1500 people since inception.

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