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Tailoring School

Founded in 1986, a total number of 60 students are currently enrolled in our tailoring school. As of February 2015, Jovita Hamajuni, in close cooperation with Mukwasibwe Valerian will replace Margaret Odit as manager of the school. Margaret has new plans for her life as she leaves to develop other projects. She has expressed willingness to come back as an external facilitator in some of our trainings. 

Each member of the tailoring school staff is specialized in one area of clothing construction--designing, dressmaking, tailoring, pattern cutting, machine embroidery, machine use and maintenance and of course stock taking and inventory. We employ outsiders for extra courses such as. small business and financial management. The students also learn English and computer use. 

Students busy making a beautiful bedspread. Photo and description need to be changed.

As many of the students experience pressure at home, the staff of the Counsellor Training Institute are always available for students who might require counselling. 

During the last two years, 58 students have successfully graduated from our school, some of whom have chosen to form small co-operative groups to start up their own businesses. 

St Francis Tailoring School is a member of UGAPRIVI (Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions), and has a working relationship with a Franciscan Technical school in Kivumu Rwanda. Valerie Kae Ken of Alberta, Canada, has assisted both schools from their foundation. 

The Ministry of Education grants Trade Certificates to those who pass Government examinations. To obtain a certificate, our students are required to pursue a two-year Programme. Students need to successfully complete all of the six required levels in order to complete the training. 

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