Kenya Talent Development Associate

2017-12-07 10:46:23

The Training Department creates learning and development opportunities for 3,000 staff and 300,000+ clients. The Training Department Associate will focus on program improvement and department management in order to better achieve our organizational goals. Designing and implementing a program and process improvements, high-level curriculum development, and facilitating leadership courses will be the primary responsibility of the Kenya Talent Development Associate. We are looking for a professional with 3-5 years work experience and a demonstrated passion for helping both our staff and clients achieve their full human potential.

  • Country-Wide Professional Development: At One Acre Fund, we hire staff from the rural communities we serve and provide them with the training and mentorship they need to become leaders in their communities. Our Senior Field Directors manage hundreds of staff and thousands of beneficiaries – many of them started as an entry-level Field Officer and grew to their current position through mentoring professional experience, and rigorous classroom exercises. The Kenya Talent Development Associate will provide support revising and implementing a tiered curriculum designed to support all staff professional development at all levels of the organization in meeting their full potential.
  • Curriculum Design: Continual development is one of the core pillars of One Acre Fund’s program model. The Kenya Talent Development Associate will partner with the Global Training and Development and Field Operations teams to design, evaluate, and implement curriculum and development materials. The Kenya Training will have a strong education background with curriculum design and adult education experience.
  • Training of Trainers: One Acre Fund implements quality training to 2,000+ field staff members through its Training of Trainers program. The Kenya Talent Development Associate, in collaboration with the Field Operations Team, will evaluate the current training of trainers programs, review best practices in Training of Trainers, present a set of recommended improvements to the Country Leadership, and implement program improvements.
  • Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (M&E): One Acre Fund holds all staff to a high standard in everything we do – our farmers deserve nothing less. The Training Department is no exception. The Kenya Talent Development Associate will be responsible for overseeing the Data Associate, ensuring our systems effectively monitor and evaluate the impact of training programs.
  • Management and Mentorship: The Kenya Training Department is comprised of a team of eight full-time staff members across the country. The Kenya Talent Development Associate will support the team in managing, mentoring, and developing our team as they take on greater and more complicated responsibilities.
  • Facilitation: This role will be the primary facilitator for our highest level professional development training at our Kenya HQ offices, including Kakamega and Nairobi. The Kenya Talent Development Associate will be an accomplished facilitator, who understands how to lead complex courses for professionals.

Career Growth and Development

One Acre Fund invests in building management and leadership skills. Your manager and a global support team will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about. Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new high-level roles opening up and opportunities for many functions. This results in fast career growth for our staff.


We are seeking an exceptional professional with 3-5 years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for education and international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Leadership and management experience at work, or outside of work. Examples include a demanding professional work experience, or successful entrepreneurial experience, e.g. leading a team or a conference, ownership over large, long-term projects, significant teaching or training experience, starting a business, solid Volunteer Service Organization accomplishments (VSO, Peace Corps, JICA, etc).
  • Critical thinking and strong analytical attitude: quick to process information and act accordingly.
  • Driven by continual growth: development orientated with a passion for the work – seeing people growing is the motivator.
  • Strong attention to detail: writing and editing training / project plans.
  • Compelling communicator: ability to connect and persuade over email, in person, or on the phone.
  • Top-performing undergraduate background.
  • Humility. We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service to join our growing family of leaders.
  • A willingness to commit to living in Kakamega for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role.
  • Language: English required; Kiswahili preferred.

Preferred Start Date

As Soon As Possible


Commensurate with experience and starts modestly. However, this is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for a long-term career.


Health insurance, room, and board, local taxes, travel allowances.

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