Brand Manager

2017-12-13 16:55:48

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You are a student and you are looking for a challenging internship: come and live a business experience!


Brand Management


"Lead a Company within a Company” Did you know P&G invented the concept of brands and brand management? Over the years, we have remained consistently on the cutting edge of marketing, always finding new and exciting ways to reach consumers. This is why some of the world’s best marketing pros and business leaders started at P&G. Our brand management philosophy can be summed up in a simple concept: “Consumer is boss”, and we believe we have 3 moments to win with consumers’ preference: 1. When they browse for your product on the internet 2 .When they choose to buy our product in the store 3. When they use it at home These are what we call the ‘3 moments of truth’. The first two moments is what we focus on when we market products.

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