Garment / Textile Technoligist

Port Harcourt
2018-01-17 11:37:31

A clothing/textile technologist works on the design, development, and production of fibers, yarns, and textiles. They carry out a range of technical, investigative and quality control work to ensure the end product performs to specifications.

They also work on the development of products, improving production efficiency and quality while liaising with those involved in the production process.

The textile and clothing industries are closely linked and end products range widely from clothing to household and industrial textiles.

Technologists in smaller organizations are usually responsible for both clothing and garments and textiles.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

  • advising commercial colleagues on technical aspects of the business;
  • liaising with designers, and adapting designs to suit production methods;
  • making and sizing pre-production garments;
  • undertaking quality evaluations of materials and checking the quality of the final product;
  • responding to product queries, including complaints, from wholesalers and customers.
  • producing non-woven materials;
  • identifying the latest fabric trends, developments, and innovations;
  • developing manmade fibers and quality assessing natural fibers;
  • spinning fibers into yarn, and knitting or weaving yarn into fabrics;
  • overseeing the dyeing, printing and finishing processes;
  • ensuring quality in areas such as strength, durability, colorfastness,
    and water and chemical resistance;
  • sourcing fabrics and accessories;

Some technologists specialize in research and product development and may:

  • experiment with textiles to improve their look, feel texture and durability.
  • undertake research to find new ways of using yarns;
  • develop chemicals that may be added to fabrics to make them more waterproof, flame-resistant or shrink-resistant;
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