Senior UX Designer

Johannesburg Area
South Africa
2018-02-21 16:12:05

Job description

We are a UX-led consultancy that provides UX, CX, Service Design and tech solutions to the Fintech industry. Two major banks are on our books as clients and we are looking to enhance our current offering and diversify our portfolio.


The expectation for this role is mapped out below.


The UX designer role involves you:

  • Being responsible for the development and management of the discovery phase of projects
  • Gathering business requirements and user requirements
  • Applying the appropriate techniques such as Kano modeling etc to extract user-centric feature sets
  • Driving client and user workshops
  • Creating UX reports and documents such as personas, canvases and journey maps
  • Delivering sketches, wireframes and prototypes (lo and hi-fi)
  • Presenting and persuading clients to adopt a more user-centric approach
  • Conducting usability studies, mental modeling and other tests such as AttrakDiff, QUESI, SUS etc as the project dictates
  • Having a fairly good grasp of UI principles
  • Having a decent understanding of various development frameworks, the constraints and the opportunities
  • Being keen to collaborate
  • Fostering a critical design understanding and practice in the consultancy
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