Visual Merchandiser

Western Province
2018-02-28 18:09:27

Demonstrate customer service


Greets, smiles and acknowledges customers

· Displays a friendly and helpful attitude when interacting with both internal and external customers

· Answers the 'window calls' promptly and removes any item needed for a customer from a visual in a professional manner

· Replaces removed item by correctly selecting, steaming and redressing the item which has been removed

Applies visual merchandising skills


Selects merchandise and displays it in a way that is in line with our brand values and the current direction given from H/O

· Dresses windows, visuals and cameos in a way that has impact and encourage sales

· Demonstrates a clear understanding of the correct use of colour in order to create an impact in visuals

Manages time effectively


Works efficiently and effectively allowing enough time to spend on each visual in order to apply attention to detail

· Plans day to ensure that all tasks are achieved

Demonstrates product knowledge and standards


Understands what the current fashion trends are by reading magazines and is aware of the competitor activity

· Styles wigs competently

· Understands and applies the policy of 'no pins' in kids

Adheres to shop-keeping disciplines


Understands the lifestyle and current policy of the department that is being worked in

· Does daily house-keeping and checks visuals and windows throughout the day

· Dresses models and handles all equipment and props with care to avoid breakages

· Maintains all visual equipment to minimise breakages

Minimises shrinkage


Reporting acts of dishonesty related to shrinkage and fraud to your line manager or shrinkage hotline

· Minimises spoilage of products

· Ensure back areas are tidy

· Maintains all merchandise to minimise shrinkage

Demonstrates personal leadership


Demonstrates self-discipline with regards to attendance, dress code, hygiene and time-keeping

· Attends/is informed of the game plan/team meeting to know the day's focus

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