Application Designer

2018-03-14 17:11:42

Job description


Application Designer


Performs the Computer Aided Design of the MECHANICAL detail part, of part of a project based on pre-defined basic or concept designs from Lead Engineers and reference to Schneider Electric product hardware installation and integration documentation.

Achieve required standards and quality of design.

Deliver designs on time.

Collaborate with Lead Engineers with regard to the integrity of design and approval of design.

Optimise efficient work space, apply engineering schematic practices, standards, and engage with libraries of good engineering practices, and solution applications.

Document control and drawing processes within Schneider Electric guidelines.




Computer Aided Detail Design

Apply acute detail and deliver the complete engineering pack as specified by the client, Lead Engineer and the Technical manager, including but not limited to the General Arrangements of panels, product and component layouts, wiring layouts,

  • Full set design manufacturing drawings for Skid base which consist of (+/- 85 drawings)
  • Welded assembly for skid base
  • Cable tray positioning & access between switchgear / transformer/electrical equipment
  • Lifting positioning
  • Drag lugs positioning
  • Mounting positioning of all equipment
  • FEM analyses (local in house)
  • Full set design manufacturing drawings for Skid cage (+/-60 drawings)
  • Welded assembly of cage
  • Door access positioning
  • Removable panels for access to equipment
  • Cable box for incoming cable
  • Full set design manufacturing drawings for Safari roof (+/- 40 drawings)
  • Truss design & spacing
  • Purlin spacing
  • Roof sheet calculation (Bullnose ends or straight)
  • Truss mounting to skid cage.
  • Full set design manufacturing drawings for equipment kiosks (+/- 50 drawings)
  • Kiosk design for specific equipment
  • Kiosk base design to allow for cable bending radii
  • Clearance study between equipment
  • Special customer requirements
  • Free issue equipment
  • Measuring & drafting 3D model for placement on skid (transformer)
  • Mounting detail study of equipment.
  • Engage thoughts and attention to the drawings to ensure that product specifications are adhered to.
  • Make engineering changes to drawings through the evolution of the design.
  • Guide the design technically; reference the technical documentation and integrate the products into the solution.
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