Marketing Manager

South Africa
2018-04-10 15:19:53

Job description

Position Responsibilities 


  1. Develop Brand & Marketing strategic framework to support the UP card business in the region, and define a suitable Marketing positioning in each local markets taking into account the unique needs of each market. 
  2. Responsible for Brand & Marketing budget for the branch. 
  3. Evaluate current processes and guidelines with a view to streamline, revamp them or implement new ones for seamless conception, coordination and execution of regional and local Marketing campaigns with HQ and local market teams. 
  4. Act as a consultant to local markets to help conceptualize and roll out marketing campaigns on a timely basis to meet the business goals of the region. 
  5. Identify preferred merchants and tie up offers for the UnionPay card base through partners or on one-to-one basis. 
  6. Propose relevant and meaningful promotional card offers. 
  7. Recommend and review marketing communication channels to help meet UnionPay objectives. 
  8. Keep track of Marketing strategy and programs done by competitors. 
  9. Update UnionPay partners on offers on a timely basis. 
  10. Ensure that Marketing programs are executed within approved budget. 
  11. Able to work in a multi-cultural environment. 
  12. Able to do business travel. 
  13. Any other duties as assigned.
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