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2018-06-18 10:49:04

The Next Economy is a program created in Partnership with Nailab, Good Up Netherlands and SOS (Kenya and Netherlands), that seeks to empower young people in Nigeria, Mali, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya to help them unleash their full potential as they build on their confidence and hone the skills they need for a successful career in their jobs or as entrepreneurs. To accommodate the diverse ambitions of young people entering the labour market, the program has 3 phases, namely: Core Life Skills, Make it Work and Get Started.

Core Life Skills focuses on personal development by imparting skills designed to discover an individual’s full potential geared towards creating employment and harnessing spirit of entrepreneurship for young people. Make it Work is aimed at launching careers by transferring useful employability skills to increase their productivity in their current job undertakings. Get started focuses on aspiring entrepreneurs and supports them in building solid business models. Through meetings and mentoring new business ideas are shaped and tested in the market. To this end, we are recruiting competent and skilled trainers to prepare, deliver and assess training in a range of business and entrepreneurial skills in the following fields:

  • Accounting and finance.                                      
  • Legal & intellectual property
  • Taxation                                                                 
  • Sales and marketing Strategy
  • Branding                                                                 
  • Customer & Product validation
  • Pricing and business sustainability                   
  • Startup funding
  • Business communication.                                   
  • Social media marketing
  • Human Resource management (getting the right people)
  • Business building & refining business systems and processes
  • Operational excellence & how to scale
  • Strategic alignment to company’s mission and vision Duties and Responsibilities

Job Description:

1. Plan and deliver business and entrepreneurship courses in one of the designated training centers in the relevant business field.

2. Ensure that current labor market information and entrepreneurship practices are incorporated in the planning and delivery of the course

3. Utilize appropriate learning principles which encourage participation and success from a range of learners including: individuals with no prior experience in formal education; learners with low levels of literacy and English language

4. Develop session plans and learning materials that reflect current labour market demands and skills, as well as the diverse learning styles and needs of the groups.

 5. Actively seek feedback from the program participants to ensure a learner-centered approach and to maintain high quality standards and student satisfaction.

6. Participate and work cooperatively within a team environment.

 7. Encourage attendance and ensure progress towards set learning outcomes.



  • Ability to effectively facilitate learning for entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds –
  • Needs to be approachable and sensitive to the needs of the entrepreneurs. –
  • Commitment to high quality of training
  • Flexibility and versatility to meet the demands of the role.
  • Innovative and creative Qualifications and experience




1. Current technical skills and knowledge relevant to entrepreneurship and business start-ups.

 2. At least 3 years of entrepreneurial or training experience.

3. Excellent interpersonal, and written communication skills are a must;

4. Well-developed presentation and communication skills.

5. Demonstrated ability to facilitate and encourage learning to diverse groups using diverse methods.

6. Demonstrated initiative and self-motivation.

7. Formal certification or qualification (mandatory) and/or training certification (desirable).

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