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Job Profile and Description
The fashion designer is the one who create the new designs to practically apply in a concrete form.. He or she would work under a fashion house and needs to follow the requirements of the customers.
Duties and Responsibilities
• He or she has to work as a supervisor for guiding and workers in drawing and cutting patterns and making the garments as well.
• He or she has the responsibility to identify the target markets for the designs and keep all the factors in mind such as consumer’s age, gender etc.
• He or she has the duty to provide the sample garments to agents and sales representatives..
• He or she is responsible for buying the clothing and accessory items needed to complete the designs properly.
• It will be the duty to be updated and upgraded with the latest fabrics so needs to visit the textile showrooms and by reading magazines to get information about new styles and consumer preferences.
• He or she needs to attend and take part in the fashion shows.
Skills and Specifications
• The person needs to be a good listener to pay attention to what others are saying and take their suggestions into account.
• He or she should have a thorough and deep knowledge about the design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production.
• The person needs to be every hard working as the conceptualization and implementation process takes a long time.
• It is needed to have the required basic knowledge of the sales and marketing.
Education and Qualification
Minimum of SSCE and a certificate in fashion designing any accredited institution
1. Send your CV to hr.rapsonintegrated
2. Forward your details, such as name, qualification, location, phone number and post applying for to the phone number displayed on the advert.

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