Instructional Design Writer

2018-08-17 17:15:33

About The Role

Instructional Design Writers are based in our Nairobi office, and assigned to a team led by a Nairobi-based Instructional Design Manager and co-directed by Instructional Design Directors, based in Hyderabad and in Boston.

By joining as a writer, you join a team working to make a difference in the world. In the markets we serve, the number of pupils attending school is soaring, but the quality of most schools, according to international experts, is low. Writers that join our Instructional Design Department to invest time in producing quality learning materials to improve thousands of children’s daily academic experience.

One core tenet of our approach to instructional design is less lecture (traditional among many schools in our markets) and more pupil practice. That is, we're trying to make the pupil experience less "rote." “Teacher Guides” (daily lessons delivered by e-reader), textbooks, and other materials are produced by the Instructional Design Department with that goal in mind. Improving learning gains among pupils is our number one priority.

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