Store Manager

South Africa
2018-09-27 11:43:39

An exciting opportunity exists for an experienced Store Manager to join a high end apparel brand. The successful candidate will have a minimum of 2-3 years fashion management within a retail environment.

Salary + pension + store incentives.

Since the entire store reports to the store manager, or retail manager, the responsibilities of the retail store manager are a mixed bag.

Duties of a store manager:

1. Workplace scheduling: The retail managers look after the workplace scheduling and the further training and development of the employees.

2. Team development: Along with the singular employees, the retail manager has to look into the team development of the entire store employee work force. The Store Manager is not only an executor of ideas, but they also have to be a positive thinker and a person who surges ahead as a thought manager in the company.

3. Problem solving skills: The store manager should also possess ample problem solving skills that would ensure that the entire store workforce works in harmony and is supportive to each other. This is by far the most important responsibility of the store manager, because without a proper work force, no product can survive in the market.

4. Day to day operations: Along with the human resources part, the retail management will also look after the day to day operations of the store, as well as keep an eye on the management of the profit and loss in the store. Also, the store manager will look at various miscellaneous store responsibilities like the safety, security, the loss prevention as well as banking in the store.

5. Product management: Since the retail manager is an important part of the sales as well as concept process, they are also in charge of the entire chain of product management, right from ordering, to returning the commodities or products. This also includes keeping in mind any price changes that may occur. With all these responsibilities, the store manager should have excellent conversational skills and should have the gift of the gab. The store manager is looked upon as a senior sales person by the entire sales team and is considered to be a problem solver.

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