Creative Technologist

2018-10-01 20:57:38

Job description

Creative Technologist 

Part time - Full time 

Maison Interactive is a multidisciplinary design studio, working in the intersection of design and technology,  we craft environments and experiences that delight, surprise, and engage. 


We do a wide range of experiential production work from permanent installations to live events and everything in between.   

We are a quickly growing team and we are looking for someone to contribute in getting us to the next level. 

The ideal candidate is a generalist (with some core focus) - someone who has a wide but deep knowledge of a lot of tech gear and software that is commonly used on this kind of work. You don’t need to know how to do everything, but you know when and how it should be used. If you don’t know about something, you know how to research and get the right answers quickly.

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