Fashion & Design Internship in Ghana

2018-10-23 05:46:43

VolunteerMatch Ghana has provided opportunities for volunteers/interns interested in fashion and design. As a fashion designer, you will be introduced to fashion houses where you can learn and upgrade yourself.

You will have the opportunity to test your career interests, gain experience, and realize long and short-term goals. VolunteerMatch Ghana is partnered with highly respected fashion studios that offer courses to local students as well as design emerging traditional African fashion and clothing using our own textiles, such as the Real Wax Print, Wooden etc which distinguish the features of the African traditional and international outfits.

Your activities will depend largely on your experience, but may include helping design different collection of unique African outfits for models such as traditional wear, beach wear, formal wear, as well as evening wear. Attending colorful fashion shows, visiting garment producing companies and a whole range of activities.

Why the project needs Volunteer/interns:

  • To compliment the effort of stakeholders to send proper and improved fashion design to the masses.
  • To offer staff support to the fashion house.
  • To offer you an opportunity to discover practical and innovative fashion practice in Ghana and Africa.
  • To create a bond between the volunteer/intern and the local community and also promote crosscultural understanding.

With your experience of the Western fashion service, you will be able to bring unique skills and a fresh perspective to the project. In exchange, you will gain a valuable insight into Ghana’s culture and will have the opportunity to improve your skills in a variety of areas in fashion.


• A Fashion & Design Internship or Volunteering opportunity in Ghana

• Work with local institutions and NGOs

• Learn about a new culture

• Expand your own life experiences


This project is open to the general public and all fashion lovers, fashion students and professionals practicing in the field of fashion.

How To Apply:

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