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Entrepreneurs • Africa
African Women in Technology Conference Kenya: Awaken the TechAZON Within
by Fashionomics Africa 20 Jun, 2019

You needn’t be a fan of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror to understand that technology is, indeed, the future. Most professions these days require vast knowledge on technological tools and g ... Read more

Fashion • Africa
Call for Participants for the Namibia Arts Fair
by Fashionomics Africa 19 Jun, 2019

The Namibia Arts Fair is one of the most exciting events on the social and creative calendar in south west Africa and its organizers are currently busily at work putting it all together. This fair was ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
3 ways exhausted entrepreneurs can get back in business
by Fashionomics Africa 18 Jun, 2019

Starting a business can be exhausting, especially when you have many roles to play in a company. Not only may this affect your emotional state, but it also affects the quality of your work. In some ca ... Read more

Vee Fashion House is Launching its Malkia Royalty Collection at the Diamonds Dream of Africa Resort in July
by Fashionomics Africa 17 Jun, 2019

If you’ve stumbled across images of African influencers sporting a unique and eye-catching style of jewelry lately, chances are their go-to brand is the Vee Fashion House in Kenya. Founded by he ... Read more

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