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How to become a known leader in the fashion industry
by Africa Fashionomics 23 May, 2018

Did you know that despite the worldwide changes that have happened over the years in terms of female power, only 15% of executive positions are composed of females in the United States? Although this ... Read more

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4 Tips on How to Build Your Fashion Portfolio
by Africa Fashionomics 23 May, 2018

The fashion industry is all about visuals. Whether you’re applying for your first job at a fashion house or are looking to enrol in a fashion design course, those considering your work will want ... Read more

African heritage
Sofia El Arabi, the Moroccan designer mixing Western and Eastern influences in fashion
by Africa Fashionomics 22 May, 2018

If you’re into Moroccan fashion, you have probably heard of Bakchic designs, a brand made by the well known designer and social media influencer Sofia El Arabi. With over 30,000 followers on ins ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • African heritage
Fashion Designer Hazel Aggrey-Orleans on Injecting Nature, Culture & Change into her Brand
by Africa Fashionomics 22 May, 2018

Born in a rural town in Germany, raised in Nigeria and now residing in London, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, the designer behind the beautiful, EKI ORLEANS brand, injects a bit of nature, culture and travel i ... Read more

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