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Time’s Up: How to Fight Sexism in the Workplace
by Africa Fashionomics 18 Jul, 2018

If you’re not yet running your own business enterprise and are finding yourself stuck in a male-dominated office environment, you may have experienced sexist treatment by your male colleagues. D ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
Nahema Mehta and her risky life change
by Africa Fashionomics 17 Jul, 2018

If you are considering making a drastic life change, and switching your 8-5 job for an entrepreneurship dream, perhaps Nahema Mehta can serve an example for you. Back in 2010, this finance and number ... Read more

The 3 Biggest Fashion Trends of the Season
by Africa Fashionomics 17 Jul, 2018

The glorious, glorious summer season is in full swing – as are your skirts – and there’s nothing better than taking advantages of the long, mild evening and making a little detour af ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
5 steps to follow when you make a mistake
by Africa Fashionomics 16 Jul, 2018

It would be unrealistic to think that a person, during their whole career, would never make a mistake. Unfortunately, mistakes happen to everyone in every kind of situation. Whether it’s in your ... Read more

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