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Lisa Folawiyo’s Designs Offer a New Perspective on African High Fashion
by Fashionomics Africa 21 Mar, 2018

Many a big success story started on a small budget and Lisa Folawiyo’s, one of Nigeria’s most popular designers, is no different. With just N20, 000 (roughly 45 Euro) in her pocket and 12 ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
Aïssa Dione and her story behind the Senegal fabric design business
by Fashionomics Africa 20 Mar, 2018

Aïssa Dione is the woman behind the painting and textile design company called by her name; Aïssa Dione Tissus. After growing up with a Senegal born father and French mother, she was influen ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Mima-Te: Upcycled Clothes from the Heart of Mozambique
by Fashionomics Africa 20 Mar, 2018

We’ve all come across this problem: you’re out shopping at the local mall or flea market, determined to find a new dress to rock into the weekend with. You find a lot of great options, but ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
Top 4 must-do’s for your business to succeed
by Fashionomics Africa 19 Mar, 2018

No matter if you are trying to start your own startup or already have one - but need to spark up those numbers, clever advice from succeeding entrepreneurs can always be useful to take into considerat ... Read more

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