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Ghana’s Beauty and fashion industry about to go pro
by Fashionomics Africa 20 Nov, 2017

A young woman named Chagraoui Jihane, most commonly known as Jijiglam is passionate for all things beauty and fashion related. After many years of experience as a beauty and image consultant, this Mor ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
An opportunity for designers to get started! Soweto Fashion Week (2018).
by Fashionomics Africa 20 Nov, 2017

Soweto Fashion Week gives the opportunity for upcoming and established designers to show their work, which includes Autumn and Summer collections. The event has currently passed the Autumn collections ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Fashion designers respond to “Not African Enough” pressure
by Fashionomics Africa 17 Nov, 2017

A book named “Not African Enough” has been released this month by the Nairobi-based arts collective Nest, featuring the work of many designers who are trying to fight the reputation Africa ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • African heritage
Fashion as a form of protest.
by Fashionomics Africa 17 Nov, 2017

"I be Africa man original." The man who refused to bend over the Western fashion styles was the infamous musician – Fela Kuti. He chose to use fashion, as a form of protest, which h ... Read more

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