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Design Your Summer Holiday Around London’s African Fashion Week in August
by Africa Fashionomics 08 Jun, 2018

If you haven’t planned your summer holiday just yet, we have an exciting suggestion for you that combines a cultural travelling experience with a thrilling dose of afrocentric fashion at the eig ... Read more

When to spend and when to save when starting your company
by Africa Fashionomics 07 Jun, 2018

The moment that you decide you are starting a company leads to many consequential decisions that are going to change the way you live, as well as the outcome your new project will have. The most commo ... Read more

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The Top Two Websites for Freelance Designers
by Africa Fashionomics 07 Jun, 2018

Even if you’re not looking to build a life as a freelancer, taking on work on a per-project-basis can be a thing of beauty when you’re in between jobs or just looking to slow down for a wh ... Read more

African heritage
Innovation in Africa: The continents’ first online showroom
by Africa Fashionomics 06 Jun, 2018

This month Africa is celebrating yet a bolder step towards becoming a huge fashion industry. Launched this very month, Industrie Africa is the modern idea of an online showroom, where more than 80 des ... Read more

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