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Zizi Cardow: Celebrating 18 Years in the World of Fashion
by Africa Fashionomics 04 Jun, 2018

Nigerian designer, Zizi Cardow, has become a household name since her beginnings in 2000. Her collections have gained a national and international following and one browse through her current look-boo ... Read more

How Rebecca Minkoff has used her unique style to grow her fashion brand
by Africa Fashionomics 01 Jun, 2018

Rebecca Minkoff is the owner and designer of a brand that is targeted for millennials who love colors and quality clothing. She has joined this industry a couple years ago and the way she has differen ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
The Entrepreneur’s Curse: How to Relax into Your Holiday
by Africa Fashionomics 01 Jun, 2018

Ironically, one of the greatest challenges entrepreneurs face when the long-awaited holidays finally come around, is mastering the art of relaxation. For months we feverishly await the moment we can f ... Read more

Entrepreneurship explained in 3 points of view
by Africa Fashionomics 31 May, 2018

Perhaps you have been hearing about this amazing way to make money without a 9-5 job. Perhaps you’ve also heard about it being called entrepreneurship, but what exactly does that mean? Entrepren ... Read more

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