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Janet Jackson Shows off Aphia Sakyi’s Latest Collection in New Music Video
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Sep, 2018

It’s been a while since Janet Jackson surprised us with a new single but true to her evergreen style, she made a big splash across all social media channels with the release of a teaser to her n ... Read more

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Common rookie mistakes entrepreneurs make
by Fashionomics Africa 31 Aug, 2018

Taking the entrepreneurship leap takes courage and personality. Although having a 9-5 job is a great accomplishment as well, entrepreneurs have had to open their path over the past years because of ho ... Read more

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RSA.com - An Ode to the South African Street Style
by Fashionomics Africa 31 Aug, 2018

Each country has its own culture of street wear fashion and many major cities have actually tuned into brands thanks to locals and visitors advertising said cities on their t-shirts and other apparel. ... Read more

African heritage
3 ways to create a passive income
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Aug, 2018

Passive income has become one of the most wanted career moves this century. Its’ efficiency has gained popularity over the years due to how effortlessly it appears to allow people to live their ... Read more

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