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Africa Day was celebrated last week, here’s what you missed!
by Africa Fashionomics 30 May, 2018

This past Friday May the 25th, Africa Day was celebrated, a commemoration in the memory of founding the organization of “African Unity” more than 50 years ago. Held in Busan, Korea, this s ... Read more

Business • African heritage
All about Anna Cole Ojukwu and her bold designs
by Africa Fashionomics 29 May, 2018

African designs and accessories are at a peak in history where it’s finally not only local women who appreciate the arts history and feel proud to show them off. Pernia Couture, an african fashi ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
4 Websites for Fashion Designers to Showcase their Work
by Africa Fashionomics 29 May, 2018

One of the most important things to do if you’re looking to break through in the fashion world is to showcase your work – wherever and whenever you possibly can. The best way to do so is u ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Enhance Your Fashion Designs by Learning These 3 Skills
by Africa Fashionomics 28 May, 2018

Never miss up an opportunity to acquire a new skill – especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Business owners should never stop learning about their chosen field and are encouraged to take u ... Read more

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