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The advice that Chekwas Okafor has just for you #SheBoss
by Fashionomics Africa 23 Feb, 2018

Chekwas Okafor is o Nigerian entrepreneur, also know as being the founder and CEO of obychek.com, which is an commerce platform tor luxury fashion designers from Africa. She created this due to a simp ... Read more

Economics • Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
She has started an African eCommerce platform for fashion. #SheBoss.
by Fashionomics Africa 23 Feb, 2018

The recent global demand and discussion of African fashion have led to astounding boosts in sales in the industry. Some of the African designers and brands have even caught the eyes of international p ... Read more

Janet + George, a business created to help African designers
by Fashionomics Africa 22 Feb, 2018

Linda Nuamah has always been a big fan of the African continent. After a trip to her native Ghana, Janet noticed something that troubled her mind. Why, if the African continent is so rich in things li ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
Who are Angel investors and why are they important?
by Fashionomics Africa 22 Feb, 2018

Angel investor has many names: informal investor, business angel, private investor, angel funder, or seed investor; nevertheless, discounting the many names – it is a prosperous individual who p ... Read more

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