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Economics • Fashion • African heritage
Western labels stealing Africa’s fashion!
by Fashionomics Africa 23 Nov, 2017

Many Western labels often times take their inspirations from the African heritage and culture, however, not always give them credit for it. Even this October 2017, such infamous designer as Stella McC ... Read more

What young Nigerian entrepreneurs should focus on when starting a fashion line
by Fashionomics Africa 23 Nov, 2017

The fashion industry in Nigeria is one of the largest growing fashion entrepreneur sectors worldwide, and there are large amounts of young fashion lovers starting up their business in the co ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • African heritage
Rina Chunga, the Zambian born success
by Fashionomics Africa 22 Nov, 2017

Rich factory designs has called the attention of fashionistas from runways all over the world with its unique and colorful silhouettes. The creator of the company, Rina Chunga is Zambian born and has ... Read more

Economics • Entrepreneurs • Business
Africa’s Premier Award for young entrepreneurs.
by Fashionomics Africa 22 Nov, 2017

Africa is a continent that is buzzing with innovative and business ideas, maybe because 70% of the population in Africa is under 30 years old. It is great to be seeing that, as Africa needs innovative ... Read more

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