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The Christmas Edition of Nairobi’s Luxury Fashion Market
by Fashionomics Africa 14 Dec, 2018

If you want to avoid the malls on this last weekend before the Christmas holidays truly kick off, those of you based in or near Nairobi are in for a special treat. The Christmas edition of the famous ... Read more

African heritage
How to set up your first home office
by Fashionomics Africa 13 Dec, 2018

With the new year coming close, we are pretty sure that you have exciting things coming up in 2019. One of these, for many, is the beginning of a personal business coming together, and this means that ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
How to Switch Off During the Holidays
by Fashionomics Africa 13 Dec, 2018

Automatic Out-Of-Office Reply Don’t worry about any important emails coming in – nothing is more important than taking a break and thoroughly enjoying the holidays right now. Everything ... Read more

Business • African heritage
3 smart ways to make finishing tasks easier
by Fashionomics Africa 12 Dec, 2018

There are many reasons why failing to finish  our important tasks can happen. Sometimes, day to day activities get in the way and we feel in a loss of time, making our projects and concentration ... Read more

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