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IKEA’s Upcoming Collection Merges Swedish Minimalism with African Designs
by Africa Fashionomics 21 Jun, 2018

Since its beginnings as a small, mail-order business in 1943, IKEA has established itself as the world’s leading furniture retailer with 276 stores in 25 countries. Famous for its practical, min ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
The 3 Best Online Courses for Fashion Designers
by Africa Fashionomics 20 Jun, 2018

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how determined we are to reach our goals when there are certain things standing in the way. You may have been working towards a career in fashion design for years but ... Read more

African heritage • Africa
“The Threaded Men” a portal made by creative director Siya Bayile
by Africa Fashionomics 19 Jun, 2018

Have you heard about “The Threaded Men”? This concept was created a couple of years ago in order to solve a common problem that Siya Beyile noticed in the mens’ fashion industry in A ... Read more

Fashion • Business
Celebrate the World Cup Fever with Sporty Outfits from Vivolicious
by Africa Fashionomics 19 Jun, 2018

There’s a huge, joyous epidemic currently sweeping the world: football fever! With the World Cup now in full swing, even those who aren’t passionate about the game can’t help but to ... Read more

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