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The facts behind Africa’s growth
by Fashionomics Africa 16 Feb, 2018

Did you know that the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa is higher than the one on any other continent worldwide? Also, that the Real GDP rose by 5% from 2000 to 2008, leaving it to be twi ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
“I left ‘money’ for fashion”.
by Fashionomics Africa 16 Feb, 2018

Wambui Mukenyi is the head of Wambui Mukenyi Fashion House, which welcomes only passionate individuals, who truly enjoy dressing up their customers, crafting clothes and overall excelling at the craft ... Read more

Adenike Ogunlesi’s startup story with Ruff’’n’tumble, her successful children’s fashion line
by Fashionomics Africa 15 Feb, 2018

Adenike’s fashion love had begun wishing very earl ages of her life. She grew up in West Africa observing her mother tailor, and learned from her all there was to know about making her own cloth ... Read more

Economics • Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
by Fashionomics Africa 15 Feb, 2018

Lelapafund is a crowdinvestment program for African companies, which helps individual investors around the world to tap into previously overlooked investment opportunities of the Diaspora. Moreover, i ... Read more

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