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An entrepreneur’s satisfaction
by Fashionomics Africa 13 Nov, 2017

It’s become common knowledge that the path to a successful future as an entrepreneur is hardly ever easy, and we have all heard about the quotes that state how “everything that is really w ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
Finding the pain points
by Fashionomics Africa 13 Nov, 2017

Jacqueline Shaw is a founding director of Africa Fashion Guide Ltd, which is a social enterprise and sourcing agency. She is also an author of a coffee table book “Fashion Africa”, which m ... Read more

Economics • Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
Business Funding Opportunities & Awards for African Entrepreneurs growing each year
by Fashionomics Africa 10 Nov, 2017

Every entrepreneur trying to open his or her way in the business knows that funding is basic in terms of the growth in business. No matter if you need funding to bring your innovation to fame or if yo ... Read more

Fashion • Business
An opportunity for emerging designers!
by Fashionomics Africa 10 Nov, 2017

Laz Yani is one of the lucky designers, who had the opportunity to showcase his work on the first day of South Africa Fashion Week’13 autumn/winter lineups, walk away with an R20,000 prize, get ... Read more

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