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3 ways to overcome difficult clients
by Africa Fashionomics 14 May, 2018

Dealing with clients can definitely be hard. We all now that it takes a strong personality and a lot of empathy to be able to hold back emotions when it comes to demanding clients. Perhaps many of you ... Read more

How and why women are changing the world
by Africa Fashionomics 11 May, 2018

A lot has changed in the past century. We are sure that you have probably noticed the major changes, but women entrepreneurs today represent some of the most valuable business leaders in the world. Th ... Read more

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Strutting into the Weekend: The Top 3 African Shoe Designers
by Africa Fashionomics 11 May, 2018

Most women have several fashionable weaknesses but there are two that will always outweigh our desire for accessories and funky blazers: handbags and, of course, shoes. How many women do you know with ... Read more

Having a tough day? These ideas will help you snap out of it.
by Africa Fashionomics 10 May, 2018

We know how the business world works. In fact, many people call it a roller coaster of emotions because it can be exactly that, wonderful and full of success one day and then the next full of disappoi ... Read more

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