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Quotes to avoid when you are at work
by Fashionomics Africa 08 Aug, 2018

Knowing the best way to express ourselves has always been essential when trying to grow in business. Choosing the right way to say things and the correct moment to say them can make a huge difference ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • African heritage
Dema Chena – Artisanal Luxury for Women
by Fashionomics Africa 08 Aug, 2018

If you didn’t catch our post on where to find the coolest African designers online (via refinery29) last night, you’re missing out. The article introduced us to Industrie Africa, a platfor ... Read more

Business • African heritage
Boosting your creativity towards the arts
by Fashionomics Africa 07 Aug, 2018

In the fashion world, being creative and having an artistic mindset is a basic. Some people are born with the talent and some others simply hold the interest and wish to get better at their creative t ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
The Best Websites for Sewing Patterns
by Fashionomics Africa 07 Aug, 2018

If you want to nurture the dream of becoming a fashion designer, you’ll have to start somewhere. Depending on where you live, it is not always easy to find access to a prestigious design school ... Read more

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