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Bold Kampala helping entrepreneurs and noticing the market’s growth
by Fashionomics Africa 07 Nov, 2017

Bold Kampala has always been a business woman. After returning to Uganda after finishing her studies in Uganda, she saw a business opportunity and worked with it. Just as many others, she noticed how ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
The CROSS.CULTURE. project
by Fashionomics Africa 07 Nov, 2017

CROSS.CULTURE. is a project started by two women – Georgina Campbell and Cebisa Mafukuzela, which celebrates the differences between cultures and embraces their heritage. The two creators met ... Read more

Economics • Fashion • Business
Pressure for the local South African fashion sector?
by Fashionomics Africa 06 Nov, 2017

As local fashion designers in South Africa work hard towards creating quality products and being able to succeed in what is an extremely competing sector, in today’s reality, global brands are m ... Read more

Fashion • Business
AFF – African Fashion Fund
by Sabina Bacevičiūtė 06 Nov, 2017

African Fashion Fund is an organization that helps out / empowers African designers to flourish in the global fashion industry. They do so by providing them with learning opportunities under the instr ... Read more

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