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The Best Looks from Lagos Bridal Fashion Week
by Africa Fashionomics 08 May, 2018

What better time to host the Lagos Bridal Fashion Week than during the onsets of spring? A lot of brides are set on summer weddings so now is the perfect time to introduce them to the newest bridal co ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
All about the path of creative designer Heather Chaplet
by Africa Fashionomics 07 May, 2018

Heather Chaplet grew into the design world. With artistic parents who brought her into the art world from a very young age, she knew the creative careers were her path. She became a theater maker and ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
The South African Edition of Project Runway Is Set to Air in July
by Africa Fashionomics 07 May, 2018

Fashion has always had a place on TV – important runway shows and Fashion Week events are broadcasted on a global level, talented models compete for exciting contracts and cash prizes on shows l ... Read more

Economics • Entrepreneurs
Managing money as an entrepreneur and knowing when to pay yourself
by Africa Fashionomics 04 May, 2018

One of the biggest differences between having a traditional job and starting a owning startup is the way you manage its’ finances. As an employee, you are used to someone else managing all the c ... Read more

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