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The internet, a benefit or challenge for African fashion?
by Tania VIllalta 31 Oct, 2017

The internet’s growth has changed the way we all live. It has influenced our every day activities and business is not an exception. When the internet started to grow, suddenly a massive gap was ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
Africa Web Festival
by Anaïs Sánchez 31 Oct, 2017

À travers sa thématique 2017, AWF réunit les gens d’affaires, les donneurs d’ordre institutionnels, les concepteurs de solutions digitales et les entrepreneurs autour ... Read more

Economics • Fashion • Business • African heritage
Massai tribe not being treated fairly
by Tania VIllalta 30 Oct, 2017

If you have ever come across powerful colors and images of tribal Africa, you were mostly likely looking at inspiration on The Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania. They currently hold one of the most powerfu ... Read more

Economics • Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
Kofi Ansah
by Anaïs Sánchez 30 Oct, 2017

An award-winning Ghanaian fashion designer, plus a pioneer in promoting modern African styles and designs to the internationals stage – Kofi Ansah, was born into an artistic family, which was wh ... Read more

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