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Entrepreneurs • Business
How to fight against company gossip
by Fashionomics Africa 01 Aug, 2018

When you form part of a workplace with several other people, and each and every one of them holds a different personality, company gossip can become an extremely serious issue to control. If you are t ... Read more

Economics • Entrepreneurs
3 common financial mistakes and how to avoid them
by Fashionomics Africa 31 Jul, 2018

If you are considering converting your passion into a new business, then keeping the correct budget must always be on top of your mind. Maintaining a healthy financial state is essential in order to b ... Read more

Pros and cons of being a sole owner of a business
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Jul, 2018

Have you ever heard the term of sole proprietorship, but have not been able to fully understand what it means? In the business world, being sole proprietor refers to a company that is led by, (and run ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Weekend Style Guide: African Brands from Head to Toe
by Fashionomics Africa 27 Jul, 2018

If you’re looking to plug the African fashion industry by becoming a walking marketing campaign showing off the best brands from the continent, we can help you out. We have put together an outfi ... Read more

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