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Fashion • African heritage
Kenyan beadwork
by Anaïs Sánchez 26 Oct, 2017

The Maa Beadwork is a social enterprise that was found by The Maa Trust (a non-profit organization). It is based in Masaai Mara, Kenya and it involves 430 women from 15 different villages. Thanks to T ... Read more

Fashion • Business
Why was Africa Fashion Week created?
by Tania VIllalta 26 Oct, 2017

Back in 2009, Adiree, a Marketing Agency located in New York City saw a huge potential in the African fashion industry. They could observe a gap in between the continents, and decided to create a plat ... Read more

People first!
by Juan Carlos Domínguez 25 Oct, 2017

It’s no secret, that many well-known designers and brands, most of the time practice unethical behavior when it comes to labor for the gain of profit. We all heard the stories of $5,000 shoes/ba ... Read more

Fashion • Business • African heritage
International Competition for Africa
by Tania VIllalta 25 Oct, 2017

Any idea how Africa’s fashionistas managed to become important in the huge and competitive world of fashion that exists today? Well, it all started by deciding to support annual events such as L ... Read more

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