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FashionTech and What It Could Mean for the African Industry
by Africa Fashionomics 27 Apr, 2018

As part of the graduation event of the Standard Bank Fashion Accelerator,  Nonzero Africa hosted the FashionTech Africa Hackathon in collaboration with FlipTin last week, who acted as their ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
How social media can boost your sales and how to find the right influencers
by Africa Fashionomics 26 Apr, 2018

If you have ever tried to sell something online, you have probably come across the idea of using social media as a platform. In fact, the probability that you have been the target for a marketing camp ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
The 3 Best Planners for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
by Africa Fashionomics 26 Apr, 2018

It may sound silly but sometimes an ordinary agenda does not suffice for aspiring, creative entrepreneurs. Sure, it may have a special section for logging phone numbers and email addresses, extra page ... Read more

African heritage
Sister power, how Darlene and Lizzy Okpo pursued their business dream
by Africa Fashionomics 25 Apr, 2018

Who says that a great sister bond can’t transform into an awesome business? Many people are scared to mix business with family, and if the rules aren’t clearly stated before starting, a si ... Read more

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