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African heritage
African hair fashion
by Juan Carlos Domínguez 25 Oct, 2017

Afro-textured hair comes from certain populations in Africa, where people’s hair wasn’t damaged by any kind of hair straightening treatments (hot combs, chemicals or flat irons). The evolu ... Read more

Economics • Fashion
Meet the company that is facilitating future designers’ career
by Anaïs Sánchez 24 Oct, 2017

Meet “Commercializing Creativity – Creating a Model for Success for British Fashion Designers”. A few years ago, they noticed a gap in the industry and wondered: why isn’t the ... Read more

Mud as a fashion statement
by Anaïs Sánchez 24 Oct, 2017

Bògòlanfini, bogol or just mud cloth is a specialty of Malian people. The cloth is a piece of handmade cotton fabric, which is dyed with fermented mud to give it that brown colour. The t ... Read more

‘Hub of Africa’ 2017 fashion week collects big talents
by Anaïs Sánchez 23 Oct, 2017

A bit more than a month ago, October 5th - 7th to be exact, the ‘Hub of Africa’ fashion week was held in Addis Ababa. The events goal was to promote and generate recognition for the compet ... Read more

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