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COCOLILI Founder Furaha Bishota on Building her Brand
by Fashionomics Africa 15 Oct, 2018

Best known as the founder of COCOLILI, a home-grown retail brand based in Nairobi, Kenya, Furaha Bishota is a prime example of an entrepreneurial woman who never calls quits. As a mother of three with ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage
3 rules to follow in the days before a big launch
by Fashionomics Africa 11 Oct, 2018

Preparing for a product launch is part of being an entrepreneur. There will come a time when after all of your long hours - and even months of work, it is finally time to launch your project and we kn ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business • Africa
Destination Africa Opens New Frontiers for the Ready-Made Garment Industry
by Fashionomics Africa 11 Oct, 2018

Fashion designers and brands spend a lot of their time sourcing the right textiles and readymade garments to ensure they are always one step ahead of their competitors. Destination Africa offers entre ... Read more

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Top 5 Apps every entrepreneur should have on their phones
by Fashionomics Africa 10 Oct, 2018

Are you an entrepreneur that loves technology?  Today we have the top 5 apps every entrepreneur needs to have on their phone in order to become more efficient.   Go to meeting. T ... Read more

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