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3 TV Series that Will Spark Your Fashion Inspiration
by Fashionomics Africa 12 Jul, 2018

In recent years – and especially with the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu – TV series have gained more popularity than films for the big screen. Storylines and charact ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business • African heritage • Africa
3 Things to Focus on when writing a business plan
by Fashionomics Africa 11 Jul, 2018

We all know that no 2 brains are alike in the world we live in. Some of us are better at math, while others have a greater ability at creative arts. Some of us like socializing, while others prefer be ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Loin Cloth & Ashes: The Fashion Brand Focusing on a Neo African Point of View
by Fashionomics Africa 11 Jul, 2018

Anisa Mpungwe was just nineteen years old when she embarked on her career as a fashion designer – little did she know she would go on to be celebrated as the first black female to win the covete ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • African heritage
Moroccan designer Hana Himmi found success within her roots
by Fashionomics Africa 10 Jul, 2018

Many times, we forget that it is within the things that surround us, that we most often find inspiration. It is common to find designers looking for new places to visit and new countries to discover i ... Read more

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