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Jowys Fashion Consulting’s Business Casual Collection
by Africa Fashionomics 13 Apr, 2018

Working under the motto, boosting your confidence, building your image, Lagos-based wardrobe styling company, Jowys Fashion Consulting is dedicated to bringing the very best out of their customers. Ru ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
Starting a business and 5 things you need to know before starting
by Africa Fashionomics 12 Apr, 2018

Starting out your own business can definitely change your life. It depends on whether you do it prepared or unprepared if you reach success or have a hard time growing. Of course, experience can teach ... Read more

Black Fashion Week Rotterdam
by Africa Fashionomics 12 Apr, 2018

It’s no secret the fashion industry lacks diversity. Although we are starting to see improvements, the industry still has a long way to go until it can be referred to as inclusive. Fortunately, ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
How to become a leader and avoid making rookie mistakes
by Africa Fashionomics 11 Apr, 2018

It is known in the business world that a being a good leader can definitely be valuable trait in growing and managing your business. It is important however, that you learn how to evaluate your streng ... Read more

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